Hello and Welcome to Givinbirth2word.  It is a pleasure to have you.

I wanted to make sure that at the very least, I provide those who stumble upon this site with a personal greeting.  I always tend to stay around just that while longer in a new or unfamiliar place, when I have been warmly acknowledged. So without further ado, I go by the name of Catrina Sophia and I will be your guide for this moment in time.

I hope that your interest leads you to places that could not have been predicted and that in place of searching, you can begin to create that which you seek.

A little about “GivinBirth2Word”
As much as I try to stay away from titles, there came a point a few years ago when it was necessary to give my creativity, my expression, a name.  The words “giving birth to word” were the closest I could find to describing what the forming of my words can often feel like for me.  It may come across a little dire but in fact, I draw on the parallel of a woman being in labour and giving birth because for me, most of what I write goes through a very similar process.  Whilst it can feel painful throughout my productions, I have learnt that this level of labour is a beautiful thing – in a roundabout way.  Most women are literally torn between the labour pains of the moment and the joy of what is about to become.  That is the same for my poetical and topical pieces. The moments of despair that can crowd my thoughts whilst expressing myself through written word, are accompanied by emotions of expectancy – because I know I must go through it, and indeed I expect to get through it.  Although birth in the form of words is my end result, I am seeing more and more each day that the process is just as significant.

This site is filled with captions of my deepest fears, anguish, turmoil, confusion and very honest questions, to the highest moments of love, joy and peace.  The point is, my words are very often a reflection of internal birth.  Once words have been formed and externalized, there is a sense of relief.  My hope is that through my expressions, I can help you to get through your time of “labour”, whatever shape or form that may take.

Stay True x

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