You Can Keep Your “isms”

They raise her to take a knee before man.  To accept defeat as a natural born state.  But she has never known war.  She was born into conflict.  A conflict so unfair.  A conflict so deceptive. They keep her in hell whilst promising her heaven. They leave her poisoned and starving, whilst eating from the […]

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Without Her Make-Up

It was the beginning of the millennium.  The year 2000.  The fact that we were all still alive and had not combusted with the expiry of a ticking time bomb attached to the existence of the Earth itself, was seen as somewhat of a collective achievement.  For once, the world stood united in a shared […]

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YeYo….I Miss You

I’ve been praying to my Father all of my life, but something has happened to me recently. I find myself yearning the love of my “Mother”. My YeYo. I often sit and contemplate what happened to her. Where did she go? Who removed her from existence?  Who removed me? All of this religious teaching has […]

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Much Choice, No Freedom!

We are a generation of much choice. We call this freedom. But don’t you see that this choice has its own voice. That freedom demands its own kingdom. With every kingdom there comes a thirst for control. And thereafter a set of rules, claiming to be the eternal answer for all souls. With every choice […]

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Return To That Place

I’ve been thinking… And you know I like to think…. But here’s the thing….. There was a moment in which “light” was formed. If you believe that version of creation. This version assumes that everything was “dark” before that point. (Stay with me). These often undisputed assumptions, leave quite a bit to be explained, like: […]

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