A Flicker of Hope

I know I should be thankful for the light at the end of my tunnels So many tunnels. So much hope. They encourage me… They warm me… – But how devastating it is… when I come crashing down from a hope unfulfilled. I haven’t quite mastered how to hold myself through the curves of uncertainty. […]

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Full Circle

A girl may search for love her entire life But she must keep on searching until what looks right, feels right Until what feels right, is right She must search until all desire to search dissolves Until she realises that there need not be any search at all Until she can see the height of […]

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Your Best Is Good Enough

We can only ever try our best in life; Our best to live (freely), love, care, share, achieve, survive, strive, enjoy, forgive…. There are times, indeed, when our best doesn’t seem to be enough. But. There is hope. Because the truth is, “our best” does NOT have to be stationary. Our best CAN get better, […]

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