You Can Keep Your “isms”

They raise her to take a knee before man.  To accept defeat as a natural born state.  But she has never known war.  She was born into conflict.  A conflict so unfair.  A conflict so deceptive. They keep her in hell whilst promising her heaven. They leave her poisoned and starving, whilst eating from the […]

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A New Me, On Repeat

It was the September of 2016….I still had the scent of Morocco running through my mind.  I’d just celebrated my birthday there.   It felt good to breathe in a different type of air, you know.  I was tired of the one that had been keeping me alive in my home town, metaphorically speaking.  Love […]

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Cloud 9, I Think I Know You

I hear my name in a wind that is scheduled 3 days from now The most beautiful cloud I didn’t know my mind could water until you consumed my thoughts In amazement my whole body stands in pause Like the space before a melodic love note because you feel like my very first quote… as […]

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