18 Years Old

Excuse me for what might appear to you as “inconvenient” It’s just that I’m failing to understand your detachment Your lack of accountability Your inconsistency in being biologically responsible Your reward and exchange based behaviour… You see its just that my daughter… You know, Your Daughter Your Niece Your Grand-daughter Your God-daughter She is lacking […]

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You’re speaking but I’m afraid I’m unable to hear you I see your frown I sense your sound Though there is no frequency in use Your lips make gestures of expression As you make your confession To my discretion I observe you with my complete attention To you, I appear to be engaged But I […]

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The Game of Life

I’ve heard that chess is more than just a game. I’ve heard that music is more than just a collaboration of instruments, of voices. I’ve even heard that marriage is more than just a certification of lifelong union, love and commitment between lovers; That being a mother is more than just having bore a child; […]

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Picture Perfect

Throughout life we all tend to embark upon a picture painting course. It’s the painting we begin to paint that represents who we are, what we want and need, what we believe, what we stand for. It’s interesting though, because there are certain points in this course whereby our paintings start to reflect things that […]

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A Journey Of Identity

If fear was a man I’d tell him, “You can’t paint me over!” If betrayal was a friend I’d remind her, “You can’t paint me over!!!” Simply meaning, “You may want me to be, what “you” want me to be BUT, you can’t paint me over!” But the question I have is, who am I […]

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