Full Circle

A girl may search for love her entire life But she must keep on searching until what looks right, feels right Until what feels right, is right She must search until all desire to search dissolves Until she realises that there need not be any search at all Until she can see the height of […]

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Mundane Beauty…I Am Awake

The mundanities of life are not a distraction from the important work of transformation and awakening. They are the very soil out of which it grows, for when we bring our full awareness to any task we are already transformed. – Sarah Varcas, Astro Awakenings I’m so in love with these words.  They are exactly […]

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Not everything needs to be intentional Not everything needs to be pre-defined ….pre structured… You’ll never know who you’ll meet if everything you do is “intended”…. ….those pre agendas… You’ll never know how different encounters, different conversations will touch you. And your life. We often race towards a “relationship”, missing the beauty of the encounter […]

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I’m Ready

Take me to where I need to go Take me to where I belong Though the walk may seem long There is no place quite like home. This is the well of my soul.

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Much Choice, No Freedom!

We are a generation of much choice. We call this freedom. But don’t you see that this choice has its own voice. That freedom demands its own kingdom. With every kingdom there comes a thirst for control. And thereafter a set of rules, claiming to be the eternal answer for all souls. With every choice […]

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The Real Battle!

In all that is going on in the press right now e.g. The death of the Glee character,  the final hearing of the Trayvon case, we must remember to look past what meets the eye. A lot of emotion has been provoked on just these 2 cases but it seems we are riding a slippery […]

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