The Real Battle!

In all that is going on in the press right now e.g. The death of the Glee character,  the final hearing of the Trayvon case, we must remember to look past what meets the eye. A lot of emotion has been provoked on just these 2 cases but it seems we are riding a slippery […]

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A Close Encounter With Love

(I thought I was speaking with Love…) Never really wanted to do this Convinced to take a risk To believe You To trust Us Feeling so cheated! Assured it wouldn’t hurt – But it did Lies from you to me Manipulation spree I let you in Saw what you told me to see Gave you […]

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I let you in, I let you close, I let you near I let you lead, I put you first, I let you steer… You turned right back around and let me fear you; You warned “me” about hell – I pray God spare you!!!!! Take a step, recollect, “YOU” intercepted; You took advantage of […]

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