Unfinished Business

If I am fully enlightened If I fully meet myself Will death meet me there Will I move on from this plane of wealth Will I realise when all dimensions are complete I have a feeling that the cycles are bittersweet I’m not sure I’m ready There are things I need to know I’m wondering […]

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Death of the cupid love heart

Firstly I must admit that this is a random one but I’ve been asking myself this question lately, and I thought I would put it out there….perhaps there is another who has pondered over this?!?!?! . “What age do you stop doodling cupid love hearts?” As girls in particularly, sketching out cupid love hearts was a […]

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I let you in, I let you close, I let you near I let you lead, I put you first, I let you steer… You turned right back around and let me fear you; You warned “me” about hell – I pray God spare you!!!!! Take a step, recollect, “YOU” intercepted; You took advantage of […]

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