Mundane Beauty…I Am Awake

The mundanities of life are not a distraction from the important work of transformation and awakening. They are the very soil out of which it grows, for when we bring our full awareness to any task we are already transformed. – Sarah Varcas, Astro Awakenings I’m so in love with these words.  They are exactly […]

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First Time Lover

She said, “I’m always trying to be true to my feelings… but where do I vent this colourless emotion? It’s like air… Show me how to contain it …so that I can show you” Her words encapsulated me on the spot. They were all I needed to confirm that she had fallen in love with […]

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Death of the cupid love heart

Firstly I must admit that this is a random one but I’ve been asking myself this question lately, and I thought I would put it out there….perhaps there is another who has pondered over this?!?!?! . “What age do you stop doodling cupid love hearts?” As girls in particularly, sketching out cupid love hearts was a […]

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