But When You Find it

Sometimes she gets the urge to keep on travelling, to keep on moving, to keep on searching But in fact, it’s only because attachments had become her uncertainty And broken promises had become a guarantee What is there outside of this tension that she has known for so long But lately, she doesn’t show up […]

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Full Circle

A girl may search for love her entire life But she must keep on searching until what looks right, feels right Until what feels right, is right She must search until all desire to search dissolves Until she realises that there need not be any search at all Until she can see the height of […]

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Love Lane

There is a Lane called Love that I walk along each day…. And we’ve been exchanging… I hadn’t realised. We’ve been creating…. And what a beauty has materialised From thoughts of possibilities Since I’ve been open lately To what Love had been saying to me along this Lane Soothing my past pains Offering so much […]

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Continue. No Matter.

“You have a choice you can suffer defeat and remain a failure Or you can rise from the ashes and move forward. Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It’s the courage to continue that counts.” – Being Mary Jane

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