Learning to Live

As the end of another year beckons, I have come to the understanding that learning should never ever stop. 10 years ago I reckoned I knew a whole bunch of stuff.  I stand here 10 years later with a nervous sense of acceptance that perhaps I know very little. But. It’s ok. Because each day […]

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The Real Battle!

In all that is going on in the press right now e.g. The death of the Glee character,  the final hearing of the Trayvon case, we must remember to look past what meets the eye. A lot of emotion has been provoked on just these 2 cases but it seems we are riding a slippery […]

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A Journey Of Identity

If fear was a man I’d tell him, “You can’t paint me over!” If betrayal was a friend I’d remind her, “You can’t paint me over!!!” Simply meaning, “You may want me to be, what “you” want me to be BUT, you can’t paint me over!” But the question I have is, who am I […]

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