My Pages and Categories
For the moment, I have plugged my pieces of expression into categories that further signify how I might have been feeling at the time of production:


Let’s Talk About It
This is a section that I dedicate to addressing topics close to my heart.  We all go through periods where we just need to talk about stuff – but there is really no need to be conclusive at first, but rather to freely explore our thoughts and feelings to ultimately form a suite of positive perspectives.  Most times there is just a basic need within us to offload potent thoughts and feelings that may or may not be politically, emotionally or psychologically correct – if such a “correct” state exists.  I’m saying to all of my readers, “Let’s talk about it”.


Growing Pains…
Is a section that is displaying a change of heart, a change of mind – even a physical change.  We all go through change.  It’s our only constant position in life.  But it does not take away from the harshness that can sometimes accompany change.  Where there is change, or pain, there is often much growth – but I think we have a duty to ourselves to decide how we want any change to play out for us individually.  We can embrace our “growing pains” or we can resist them.  I find myself fluctuating between both states, if I were honest.  Still, there remains room to persevere…

Labour Pains: A Poet’s Distress
The most powerful of breakthroughs can be achieved out of a time of distress.  But do we ever hang around for long enough?   Where does your distress take you?  For me, it can be a whirlwind of a situation internally – nobody would ever know!!  However we owe it to ourselves to press through the darkest of hours, understanding that there is no emotion to condemn here.  Therefore this section represents a collection of periods whereby the pain of change is at its highest. The intensity can feel unbearable but the magical thing is that we are literally on the verge of giving birth – relief is just around the corner, if we can persevere and hold on just a while longer to witness the fruits of our labour.  True story!


Quote Me…
There are times when the most powerful moments of enlightenment come from just a short statement.   So in this section, I am sharing some of my light bulb moment statements – those from my own experiences, and also those from others that have certainly stopped me in my tracks from time to time.


Pictures Messages…
When words fail me, which they sometimes do….I root for a photographic expression instead.  But as I wrote that last sentence I felt immediately challenged to replace the idea that a wordless expression is a failure, with an open view that perhaps, words are not always necessary….


Poetic Syndrome…
Poetry is where it all started for me.  My “way with words” has been noted by many but what has been important for me is the observation of my poetical approach to my writing.   Call it a syndrome, but I will look to rhyme, pair up and create stories between each line.   I am calling my readers to “feel” me, as opposed to over think me! Generally, there are some pieces that are just plainly and simply uncategorized poems spanning across multiple themes – So, it is whatever you want it to be…


Over time I am sure I will adjust all of the above, but this will only ever be owing to personal growth.  But for now I leave you with my signature statement, “Know You, Stay True”.

This is my story…

This is my platform…

Enjoy x

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