Not everything needs to be intentional Not everything needs to be pre-defined ….pre structured… You’ll never know who you’ll meet if everything you do is “intended”…. ….those pre agendas… You’ll never know how different encounters, different conversations will touch you. And your life. We often race towards a “relationship”, missing the beauty of the encounter […]

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Love Lane

There is a Lane called Love that I walk along each day…. And we’ve been exchanging… I hadn’t realised. We’ve been creating…. And what a beauty has materialised From thoughts of possibilities Since I’ve been open lately To what Love had been saying to me along this Lane Soothing my past pains Offering so much […]

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A Love Remedied

Love is such a stunning remedy. Standing tall. Chest firmly braced. Many times has it come to my rescue. The shiny armour that has saved me on so many occasions. My stallion. Offering a pure exchange of a momentary moment. A swift ultimatum. Its dynamic impossible to recreate. Those moments that you must be ready […]

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Nothing More, Nothing Else

When there is nothing more to give other than yourself When there is nothing more to say other than the silence felt – Between you and those that too can see the inner stillness and all of its wealth Give thanks. Because you stand as self validation And that, Takes courage Nothing More Nothing Else

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YeYo….I Miss You

I’ve been praying to my Father all of my life, but something has happened to me recently. I find myself yearning the love of my “Mother”. My YeYo. I often sit and contemplate what happened to her. Where did she go? Who removed her from existence?  Who removed me? All of this religious teaching has […]

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I’m Ready

Take me to where I need to go Take me to where I belong Though the walk may seem long There is no place quite like home. This is the well of my soul.

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A Love Figured (Just For Me)

I figured once that love existed only outside of me. That love only existed for the purpose of giving it, showing it, to another. I hadn’t thought about me. I figured. That my ability to love existed only in an external form. I looked forward to receiving something that I had yet to offer myself. […]

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