Look At Me

Through your eyes I can see a million stars,
as though a million stories start to play when you look at me,
as though I am travelling the depth of a galaxy
With you
I can see the prints of those you’ve walked with
I can see the tears that you haven’t quite allowed to fall from your sky

It’s your world
and I see you through it…

I can see the hands that have held yours
I can see the love that you’ve shared

When you look at me

I can see the words you choose to keep behind your glance
I can see the colour of one thought to your next
I can taste the tone of your heart beat

…You only ever need to look at me
– because through your eyes I can see a million stars

Some Place

Time opened up like the mouth of an atmosphere
Held us in a capsule like space holds fear…outside of itself,
outside of its existence,
We were the only resistance
But our answered desires embraced us
Without apology
We were our own gravity
Held in place

Some place

…where I saw you
and in turn, I saw me
In such an attractive light
Together we were like “higher heights
Always climbing
Always shining

Like a land that tastes like harmony
Like a home made potency

But – its compliments drizzled exclusivity
…on a Rome already standing
We stood tall
We did!

Our saving pact was to leave town
and so that was our entrance to finding each other
But how do we leave behind a Rome already built?
Not able to keep it together…
Forgetting that we are the sky,
and not the weather

Like racing back to your body so that it can awake in a physical world
Like searching for a lost world, because yesterday it was home
So too our spirits disconnected from a mutually created field
We will learn to yield?

Having coaxed the universe to create an entrance
Having defied distance
I hope to find that place we shared again
Just as we did the first time

You should already know
That the “One Day” I kept on telling you about
Will be our amazing defeat against doubt
Just like the first time

Until then
I’m wishing on that “Some Place
A complete retrace
of alignment

Let’s be a new Rome

To, la chose la plus étonnante que j’ai jamais vu

Just A Name….

All that holds us together is but a name
So estranged from one another
Familiar foundations have passed away…
So who are we now?
…Now that this name is just a moment of historical, hereditary fame
A series of broken generational connections
With so many assumptions
With so many expectations
Filled with confusion
Mix messages
And so Love is left undone
Just a word
Just a name
Too empty to lead our ways
Yet, there is always somebody else to blame

What is it worth to share the same blood
When lines are scattered
Pieces lost
Faces unknown
Pictures incomplete
Stories left untold

Are we not just strangers?
Sharing nothing but a past fame
A picture that was never really without pain
Perhaps we’ve always been estranged
Pretending to be united on those special days
When all year round, love lays dormant as we go our separate ways
Our own needs and wants leading us astray
all that holds us together is but a name


Not everything needs to be intentional
Not everything needs to be pre-defined
….pre structured…
You’ll never know who you’ll meet if everything you do is “intended”….
….those pre agendas…
You’ll never know how different encounters, different conversations will touch you. And your life.
We often race towards a “relationship”, missing the beauty of the encounter itself.
Let it be a pleasure to have experienced..
…to have encountered in the first place…..

Love Lane


There is a Lane called Love that I walk along each day….
And we’ve been exchanging…
I hadn’t realised.
We’ve been creating….
And what a beauty has materialised
From thoughts of possibilities
Since I’ve been open lately
To what Love had been saying to me along this Lane
Soothing my past pains
Offering so much for me to gain
Whilst I waltz along to what once appeared insane
My feet, my mind, my heart, untrained
She’d been calling my name
I’d been doing the same
A love unchained
Whilst reality remains….

There is a Lane called Love that I walk along each day….
But it seems I am the Lane
…And she is Love
Interchangeably we create
The lane and the love
A personification of what we both want

She’d been calling my name
I’d been doing the same
A love unchained
Whilst reality remains….