But When You Find it

Sometimes she gets the urge to keep on travelling, to keep on moving, to keep on searching But in fact, it’s only because attachments had become her uncertainty And broken promises had become a guarantee What is there outside of this tension that she has known for so long But lately, she doesn’t show up […]

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Full Circle

A girl may search for love her entire life But she must keep on searching until what looks right, feels right Until what feels right, is right She must search until all desire to search dissolves Until she realises that there need not be any search at all Until she can see the height of […]

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Angels Don’t Need Wings

Hungover From the scenes on my TV screen spilling deceit From the pile of unfinished dreams laying at my feet Took a shot of comparison Almost stopped my heart beat Those pre life rivers run deep Sober Conceit Where all things are already complete Pass me another drink

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Look At Me

Through your eyes I can see a million stars, as though a million stories start to play when you look at me, as though I am travelling the depth of a galaxy With you I can see the prints of those you’ve walked with I can see the tears that you haven’t quite allowed to […]

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Some Place

Time opened up like the mouth of an atmosphere Held us in a capsule like space holds fear…outside of itself, outside of its existence, We were the only resistance But our answered desires embraced us Without apology We were our own gravity Held in place Some place …where I saw you and in turn, I saw me […]

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Family Astray

All that holds us together is but a name So estranged from one another Familiar foundations have passed away… So who are we now? …Now that this name is just a moment of historical, hereditary fame A series of broken generational connections With so many assumptions With so many expectations Misunderstood Filled with confusion Mix […]

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