Blue Sun

27 degrees.
The sun is finally here.
British love.
The rush of the masses float in the air like heat from a fire.
Like a stream racing to the sea.
Restless energy.
Missing a beat.
Anti climaxing.

One day I’ll figure out why the sun and I cannot share a stage…

– Come see me in the afternoon 

Whenever. Wherever. Whatever. (I Love You)


There is beauty in a person that is able to promise, “Whenever”.
There is hope when a person can offer, “Wherever”,
And there are butterflies all around when a person can present to you the option of, “Whatever”.
For those who have not experienced the beauty of these 3 words in song, by Maxwell, please indulge yourselves today. It is a beautiful concept.
I just wonder about the first time that these words hit a piece of paper through the ink of that pen, which belonged to a mind that had just experienced this moment for themselves.
What a blissful moment that must have been…
Regardless of the human constraints that make it difficult to sometimes deliver these words in practice, it will always remain one of the most beautiful things to me – to both give and receive.

#Maxwell Moment
#Nothing Long

You and me……(the memories)

You and me......(the memories)

I look at you and I see someone so young
I look at me and I see someone so old
But we were both there
We journeyed the same path
We witnessed the same show
But it made a child out of you….
It made someone old out of me
I wonder what I’ll do about me
Whether ill ever break free
But you, you still have your whole life ahead of you
You were the victim but it seems you win!
Perhaps I chained myself in.

Unable to erase the memories….