We have what we need, yet we still seek. What is that? Our satisfaction seems fleeting, and commitment appears impossible. We keep on searching. We keep on finding. Perhaps, we create our own thirst and then fall into the illusion of real drought along the way. Were we really in need in the first place? […]

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Trust Issues

I am to Her like tomorrow, without tomorrow to call upon She trusts me without needing to see A freeing dependency that feels so complete I wish I had that in me But I blame tomorrow Because I remember what it did to me yesterday

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Addictive Contradictions

Contradiction. An acquired taste. A disguised drug. These spoon fed addictions are anything but love.  I’ve been keeping my drugs to one side. So let’s talk about it for a while. * * * Is it possible to let go of the past, whilst learning from it? Seems contradictory to me. In order to learn […]

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Linear Breakups

I have experienced the world through a linear lens for most of my life up until now. But most recently I’ve been looking at how life is anything but linear.  The tick box exercise that we tend to live by, and indeed are conditioned to comply with, seems to become quite irrelevant as time goes […]

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Healthy over lonely

Starting high school was like a breath of fresh air for me. I remember feeling so empowered by new beginnings and fresh starts. However this was mostly attached to the reality of being able to break free from situations and friendships that hadn’t treated me well. I thoroughly welcomed the transition from primary school to […]

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