Return To That Place

I’ve been thinking… And you know I like to think…. But here’s the thing….. There was a moment in which “light” was formed. If you believe that version of creation. This version assumes that everything was “dark” before that point. (Stay with me). These often undisputed assumptions, leave quite a bit to be explained, like: […]

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Life After The Butterfly….

Everyone talks about life after the caterpillar, but I wonder, who really questions life after the butterfly…..? Have we arrived already? Surely, if we believe life as a butterfly is the final destination then, we either spend a whole lot of time being a caterpillar OR, we are living at full capacity as a butterfly […]

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Those Good Old Broken Records….

Many times we unconsciously learn to coexist with distasteful things, people, and decisions in our lives. These things just seem to repeat themselves, and we sometimes go as far as to plead our innocence in not having a clue as to why these undesired events continue to surface. It seems that these “lessons in life […]

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Dare To Ask…

“You do not have, because you do not ask!” Most times we complain about not having things but the truth is, we fail to ask. When is the last time you stopped to make a request instead of exchange a complaint? We do so well at recognising what the problem is but not so well […]

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Stay in line!….(Jamie and I)

I MUST share!!!! 😀 I don’t mean to boast, but I met Jamie Foxx last night. He was such a gentleman! I pleaded with him saying, “Jamie, Jamie, when are you gonna take me some place that I’ve never been before…?!?! Some place real nice and special, bright lights – show me some of what […]

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Living Well With Time….

Throughout life it is evidently common for most of us to become acclimatised to expecting a standard flow of transactions. We deposit study/education and we withdraw a successful career. We deposit love and we withdraw our lifelong soulmate. We deposit…..We withdraw……We deposit…We withdraw. We take advantage of taming these things or people around us to […]

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