You Can Keep Your “isms”

They raise her to take a knee before man.  To accept defeat as a natural born state.  But she has never known war.  She was born into conflict.  A conflict so unfair.  A conflict so deceptive. They keep her in hell whilst promising her heaven. They leave her poisoned and starving, whilst eating from the […]

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Addictive Contradictions

Contradiction. An acquired taste. A disguised drug. These spoon fed addictions are anything but love.  I’ve been keeping my drugs to one side. So let’s talk about it for a while. * * * Is it possible to let go of the past, whilst learning from it? Seems contradictory to me. In order to learn […]

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Healthy over lonely

Starting high school was like a breath of fresh air for me. I remember feeling so empowered by new beginnings and fresh starts. However this was mostly attached to the reality of being able to break free from situations and friendships that hadn’t treated me well. I thoroughly welcomed the transition from primary school to […]

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When somebody else’s secret is your truth, to whom do you stay loyal?  – Catrina Sophia So many of us are living with the burden of another persons secret.  Whilst the life within us is stiffled by suppression. It’s that moment when the altitude of these kept secrets are sharing the air that you rely […]

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I’m learning very quickly and very painfully that the same things in life that bring out the best in you, can also bring out your worst.  So it begs the question, is it really about good things or bad things, good people or bad people? Should  “things” or indeed people, be categorised as “best” or “worst” […]

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Wise Men

Very few seem to age these days Our evolution now involves preserving as much youth as possible Are we all on a quest to delay the motions of natural wear and tear? Are we all dodging a physical maturity in hope to avoid an earthly despair? When I look around me, there are so many […]

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A Hope To Be Present

The Bible talks a lot about hope. There are so many references to a better future. To a better tomorrow. Faith is often used in the context of believing you will obtain or achieve something in the future. In fact, for so many Christians, heaven is seen as “the” ultimate and aspired destination. As a […]

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