To The Mother In You

I often wonder where a Mother finds her love;  where she finds her strength; where she finds her peace.  We are the carriers of life itself.  From the very beginning, we were chosen to facilitate the unborn into fruition.  We are the half that makes nature complete.  Often we get confused thinking that we have to “try” to be good Mothers when in fact, we were created in perfection.  How can anybody be imperfect at being themselves?  It’s in our DNA to nurture. It’s our nature to turn very little into much.  It’s in our make up to persevere.

I believe Eve was a Mother before she conceived – our first Lady. Because we forget that we are Mothers whether fertile or infertile, for motherhood is wrapped up in the DNA of a Woman. We are able to reproduce in more ways than one. By default we love deeply, we protect unconditionally, we provide without instruction. We support with our eyes closed. This is the make up that formed Woman.  And the God who formed Woman was neither more masculine nor more feminine but, was able to create both in abundance to what was required.  Think about that for a moment.

Sometimes we can feel guilty when we are unable to do the things our DNA wants us to do. Why? Because our authentic Woman will never tire in being a Mother to all, through all, in all.   Even in the workplace we are by default bringing our mother nature to where it is needed.  Our children are blessed because of our love.  Our partners are internally wealthy because of our love.  Our families and friends are honoured because of our love. The feminine love! Our purpose as Women, as a Mother, is a great one.

So today, hold your head up high and let yourself know that “You Rock”.  There is truly none like you.  No man, no job, no amount of money, no possession, has ever defined you.  I repeat: “No man, no job, no amount of money, no possession, has ever defined you” –

You are greatness all by yourself.

You are the manual to motherhood that you’ve always wished for.

Raise a glass today, to the Mother that has seen you through; because she also lives in you.

Happy Mother’s Day x

New Year, New Law, New Attraction

One of the best things about entering a new year is looking back at the one just gone and feeling good about the things gained, the risks taken, the achievements, the validation that you actually made it through those painful moments that you just weren’t so sure of at the time or indeed, about if you were going to make it through to the other end.

The truth is, YOU made it! Through every last minute of 2013, you made it! So congratulations to you, and welcome to a brand New Year.

As we give thanks that we stand to tell our story, remember: Don’t be so caught up on the “destination of resolutions” because, every single day is a destination. It is soooo much more about the journey than it is about the arrival. So be good to yourself today and everyday and be sure to make peace within yourself as you go. The law of attraction DOES exist.

Wishing you the happiest New Year’s day celebrations. God bless you ♥♥♥

Today We Celebrate And Embrace The Impossible…

They said it wasn’t possible but today we celebrate the impossible. Some were hopeful without evidence, others dismissed it until they saw it for themselves. Many denied it even with the truth staring them in the face. But today, we ALL celebrate!

Today the whole nation will celebrate life. For today. Did you feel that?

….Even those who do not acknowledge Christ, will welcome love, peace and joy today.

This life that we celebrate is so powerful that many of us will, for today, attempt to love where perhaps there hasn’t been any; we’ll embrace peace in places where there has been absolute chaos; we’ll take hold of joy as though sadness never existed. For a moment…..

So with that said, I pray that every day be like Christmas for us all. Because for a moment we truly embrace what was meant for us.

Wishing you a moment to remember and to relive.

Merry Christmas xxx

A Mandela Thought for the Day: Remove and Replace

As we say goodbye to a true legend; As we mourn one of the greatest ambassadors of love and forgiveness of our time, I wanted to take this opportunity to extend a thought or two.

These moments call for reflection and I must admit, I didn’t acknowledge Mr Mandela as much as I could have done whilst he was alive. I reflect on this now and have asked myself why…..and you may be doing the same…..but the truth is, men such as Mandela surpass life – because what they stood for whilst they were alive, lives on. Beyond their passing.

Nelson Mandela’s story was no secret. A man falsely accused, falsely imprisoned; one of the few people to have lived to see his freedom, his justice, and then after all of that, live his life to the absolute fullest. But one thing I do observe is that, Mandela stood for and extended a level of grace that I could never seem to get my mind around. He carried no shame about how we was mistreated. He stood confidently by his story, his past. It seems I couldn’t face the level of forgiveness in his eyes, the depth of love in his heart; the amount of peace he had on his story, his previous life. He carried these qualities everywhere; never grew weary in doing good. It seems that he had accomplished something much greater than aspired forgiveness and love though. It seems he had mastered himself. Or came very close to doing so.

I’d like to propose that he had come to understand the power of not only being able to remove “undesired feelings and actions”, but he had come to realise that a person must work to REPLACE these things with something much greater. Perhaps he came to understand through his many lonely and imprisoned nights that whilst it is important to know what you DO NOT stand for, that is critical to know what you WILL stand for. What do we stand for today? What will we stand for tomorrow?

In thinking on this, a familiar passage comes to mind. A reminder that power does not only exist in removing unwanted things, but in ensuring that they are replaced accordingly with what we “want” to be occupied by; what we want to stand for.

Matthew 12v43 “When an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he goes through dry places, seeking rest, and finds none. 44 Then he says, ‘I will return to my house from which I came.’ And when he comes, he finds it empty, swept, and put in order. 45 Then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter and dwell there; and the last state of that man is worse than the first.”

If hatred, unforgiveness, malice, were bad spirits, what are we replacing them with once removed? Because if we take a look at the life of Mr Mandela….

“It’s not just about what you remove, but what you replace it with “.

If we fail to acknowledge this, we could end up in a position much worse than where we started. Indeed some have said that if you focus merely on what you don’t want, that is exactly where you’ll end up. Therefore Vision is critical to progress!

Nelson Mandela proved that vision is required. Vision is necessary. However vision alone is not enough. We must have the courage to act upon what we “foresee”.

So my beloveds, as you join me in saluting one of the greatest men to have lived, take care of those empty spaces….and be sure to find worthy replacements to occupy your souls.

To Mr Nelson Mandela – We Salute You.

Wishing you all a fruitful today and a greater tomorrow.

Stay True To You x

Remembering These Clothes That Clothe Us….

The interesting thing about this body that clothes us is this:

Of all the things that have been destroyed over the centuries, this flesh, this house, has remained.

I’m not sure whether this is common but I do often questioned why.

A replacement could have been created; what was so early on identified as “flawed” could have been done away with. One could argue that we are a design that ended up highly troublesome. For context, Adam and Eve could have been the beginning and the end!

But it was decided that we would be taught how to live with this flesh instead. But why?

There is something about this house that clothes us….

So I give thanks for this “house” that clothes me today. Because the truth is, there is a beauty about life, about me, about us, that would remain untouched, unseen, unheard of, without it.

Of all the things that we blame on our “earthly clothing”, do we ever give thanks for it? Do we ever exchange an energy of thanksgiving from ourselves to ourselves?
Today is Rememberance Day and I wonder what it is we are choosing to remember today and why…..?

Much clothing has been exchanged. Lives have been taken, shattered, sacrificed. Many have offered their “clothing” up for the freedom of a fellow soul. But for as long as our clothing remains, we ought to give thanks. But do we?

Because at a time when we were too young to see it, and remain too young to understand it, these clothes were chosen for us. There is beauty in the dressing we have been given.

So from one fellow soul to another, I give thanks for the clothing that enables me to see the me in you and the you in me. Because our true beauty, our real identity, is heavenly.

With each day, there is a unique beauty in remembering what your “clothing” means to you.

The Real Battle!

In all that is going on in the press right now e.g. The death of the Glee character,  the final hearing of the Trayvon case, we must remember to look past what meets the eye. A lot of emotion has been provoked on just these 2 cases but it seems we are riding a slippery slope. We appear to be fighting flesh for flesh, blood for blood. I see little intellect in the way that some comments are being articulated and that is a dangerous thing.

There is a Word that reminds us that our fight is not merely against flesh and blood on this earth, the racism, the sudden drug overdoses or the like. There are higher things at work and I believe if we stopped to understand what is truly behind the many judgements and actions that are sending us into a spiral of “finger pointing”, we might be able to achieve a greater good.

A change must come. And it is not through so called “justified and victim provoked” hatred that we are going to achieve it!