You Can Keep Your “isms”

They raise her to take a knee before man.  To accept defeat as a natural born state.  But she has never known war.  She was born into conflict.  A conflict so unfair.  A conflict so deceptive. They keep her in hell whilst promising her heaven. They leave her poisoned and starving, whilst eating from the […]

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Unfinished Business

If I am fully enlightened If I fully meet myself Will death meet me there Will I move on from this plane of wealth Will I realise when all dimensions are complete I have a feeling that the cycles are bittersweet I’m not sure I’m ready There are things I need to know I’m wondering […]

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Some Place

Time opened up like the mouth of an atmosphere Held us in a capsule like space holds fear…outside of itself, outside of its existence, We were the only resistance But our answered desires embraced us Without apology We were our own gravity Held in place Some place …where I saw you and in turn, I saw me […]

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Blue Sun

27 degrees. The sun is finally here. British love. The rush of the masses float in the air like heat from a fire. Like a stream racing to the sea. Me. Restless energy. Missing a beat. Incomplete. Anti climaxing. One day I’ll figure out why the sun and I cannot share a stage… – Come […]

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Don’t Let Me Go

Redefine me I’ve been erasing….. Slow me down My heart is racing…. Because nothing fits And I feel like I’m chasing A past life, but I’m so over it Today calls but I don’t have the answer Tomorrow bekons but I barely recognise her The lens I used to see her through is no longer Those habitual […]

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A Close Encounter With Love

(I thought I was speaking with Love…) Never really wanted to do this Convinced to take a risk To believe You To trust Us Feeling so cheated! Assured it wouldn’t hurt – But it did Lies from you to me Manipulation spree I let you in Saw what you told me to see Gave you […]

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