First Time Lover

She said, “I’m always trying to be true to my feelings… but where do I vent this colourless emotion? It’s like air… Show me how to contain it …so that I can show you” Her words encapsulated me on the spot. They were all I needed to confirm that she had fallen in love with […]

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Not everything needs to be intentional Not everything needs to be pre-defined ….pre structured… You’ll never know who you’ll meet if everything you do is “intended”…. ….those pre agendas… You’ll never know how different encounters, different conversations will touch you. And your life. We often race towards a “relationship”, missing the beauty of the encounter […]

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A Love Figured (Just For Me)

I figured once that love existed only outside of me. That love only existed for the purpose of giving it, showing it, to another. I hadn’t thought about me. I figured. That my ability to love existed only in an external form. I looked forward to receiving something that I had yet to offer myself. […]

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Never Fall In Love

Frustrated that I don’t have it ….but quite turned off by the thought of having it… Questioning whether I’ve ever had it at all But perhaps I’m just trying to avoid another fall – An empty love – A broken ”us” Because I loved him Or at least I thought I did And it didn’t […]

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Day Dreaming – But I Don’t Miss You!

I’m wondering have you ever…. I’m wondering have you ever…. Have you ever? (Be careful with those premature conclusions… …Those mismatched solutions) I’m wondering…. Have you ever caught yourself day dreaming? Your eyes glistening from the thoughts making your heart miss him? What a sin! You can’t believe he’s not your “here and now”… Been […]

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Never Too Deep…

Internally I drink So that whether or not you water me from one day to the next I will remain quenched Thirst taught me that. Internally I seek, so that whatever it is I may find, won’t leave if you decide to Loss taught me that. Internally I heal so that whether or not you […]

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