A New Me, On Repeat

It was the September of 2016….I still had the scent of Morocco running through my mind.  I’d just celebrated my birthday there.   It felt good to breathe in a different type of air, you know.  I was tired of the one that had been keeping me alive in my home town, metaphorically speaking.  Love […]

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18 Years Old

Excuse me for what might appear to you as “inconvenient” It’s just that I’m failing to understand your detachment Your lack of accountability Your inconsistency in being biologically responsible Your reward and exchange based behaviour… You see its just that my daughter… You know, Your Daughter Your Niece Your Grand-daughter Your God-daughter She is lacking […]

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We have what we need, yet we still seek. What is that? Our satisfaction seems fleeting, and commitment appears impossible. We keep on searching. We keep on finding. Perhaps, we create our own thirst and then fall into the illusion of real drought along the way. Were we really in need in the first place? […]

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No Such Thing

Maybe It’s not really about there being too many options.. or even about having too much choice… Is there even such a thing? Maybe Just Maybe – It is more to do with not knowing what the f**k you want? Perhaps we are the options and the choices that we see Maybe they represent us Why blame the […]

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First Time Lover

She said, “I’m always trying to be true to my feelings… but where do I vent this colourless emotion? It’s like air… Show me how to contain it …so that I can show you” Her words encapsulated me on the spot. They were all I needed to confirm that she had fallen in love with […]

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