Cloud 9, I Think I Know You


I hear my name in the wind that is scheduled 3 days from now
The most beautiful cloud

I didn’t know my mind could water
until you consumed my thoughts
In amazement my whole body stands in pause
Like the space before a melodic love note
because you feel like my very first quote…
as though every part of me knows every answer
all whilst knowing that I really don’t

Like that page in a book that keeps you re-reading it
or like that thing that you already knew, but once they said it, it seemed like something so interestingly brand new
Immediately each layer becomes naked to your eyes…
All of a sudden, everything lives and absolutely nothing dies

Cloud Nine

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Picture Perfect


Throughout life we all tend to embark upon a picture painting course. It’s the painting we begin to paint that represents who we are, what we want and need, what we believe, what we stand for. It’s interesting though, because there are certain points in this course whereby our paintings start to reflect things that we are less proud of, an image of ourselves and what we have or are surrounded by that was not a part of our original plans and aspirations.

So what do we do?  Usually we start to paint the fictional part of our picture! To “enhance” what isn’t going so well or hasn’t turned out quite “right”. These are the parts of our paintings that keep everybody else in admiration (or not, depending on the persons); it’s these parts of our paintings that we convince ourselves are worthy of incorporation, in the hope that they…

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