This time I can say that I took the time to work on myself.

This time I can say that I took the time to explore myself – since I’ve been facing my fears and lifting the lid on unresolved trauma. Lately.

This time I can say that I have been learning the art of transmuting energy that otherwise would have been wasted on frivolous pleasures – the type of pleasures that were seemingly stealing pieces of my soul. And not in a good way.

This time is different. And I cannot wait to share with you how insightful it has been. Who knew that opting out of preoccupations that I would later regret, could lead to such freedom. Such wisdom. Such self knowledge.

I used to want to escape but now, I’d rather wait for what I know was written just for me. I’d rather contemplate the feeling within every moment and instead, converse with the air that fills my lungs. The answer is always close by. Patience always. facilitates the answer.

I breathe
I release
I accept
I reset

This time I can say that I have taken the time to explore why I ever felt the need to run from myself. As though I have attended to my own call, instead of expecting somebody else to save me.

All of those rushed decisions and premature commitments, to blindingly obvious toxic attachments. I can see now. I can see that this was my way of running away… ….little did I know that there was never a need run.

I am running far less. I am understanding my own language more and more. So therefore, I no longer have the need to find a new language, but rather, aquaint with those who speak the same language that I do.

No longer am I paying the price for goods that will never be received. Reciprocity is becoming the only receipt acceptable at my cashier desk.

This time I can say that I have been starting to call things exactly as they are, and not how I wish to see them. Starting from a point of truth serves the soul much better. Falling in love with the journey serves the heart much greater.

Watch how the whispers of the mind evolve…

‘This time around, I don’t mind the wait”, it will say.

This is time around, I am doing it the right way. My way.

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