But When You Find it

Sometimes she gets the urge to keep on travelling,
to keep on moving,
to keep on searching
But in fact, it’s only because outdated attachments had become her safety
And broken promises had become a guarantee

Not that it felt good – but tension showed up like a past lover she could rely on
She wasn’t sure what existed outside of this tension that she had known for so long –
it was there on a cold, lonely night. It kept her doubts warm.

But lately, she doesn’t show up anymore
The tension is lonely
Her doubts are no longer a home
Because one day she realised that she didn’t need them anymore

Reality has become her magic
Her dreams are showing up in broad day light
Finally, she has been found by what she was seeking…
And she too has found
– she has found that it was only ever a matter of mindset that separates her from what she desires

2 Replies to “But When You Find it”

  1. This does something to my heart. It takes me on a journey. The feeling of being found, and seen, and finding true gold. Your words are lovely, with each new post I savor your thoughts. You’re really good at writing long pieces but you’re equally amazing writing shorter poetic musings as well.


    1. Coming from a Writer as rich as you, I am truly grateful that you are touched in this way. These things come to us poets quick and fast, long and short. The real beauty is in how the words feel when they land, when you connect with them x


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