Growth is hard work. It takes guts to face your fears. It takes guts to move into spaces untried and untested. But if you want difference, you have to commit to trying things in a different way. You have to think differently. You have to own your “different”.

I am not a typical person, with a typical set of experiences, or a typical surrounding. You cannot place me. I am very different.

But there was a time that I longed to be typical, to be the same as “everybody else”, to have what everybody else appeared to have; just to be seen as “normal”, credible, and desirable. And most importantly, to be in receipt of the apparent happiness that they possessed.

But the truth is, we are better when we are different. We are stronger in our uniqueness. Our individual experiences become our freedom. I am seeing how much of a disservice to myself it is, to conform to what society tells me I should be and have, for temporary gratification, praise, status, and attention.

It takes guts to trust yourself, to trust your own path, your own journey. But you cannot go wrong at being yourself.

Every day I make a promise to trust my highest self more than I did the day before. And it feels great to know that it was and never ever is, about what I don’t have and who I am not. Because what I have and all that I am, is just right.

I dare you to vibe different and tribe different.

Trust yourself.

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