We have what we need, yet we still seek.
What is that?
Our satisfaction seems fleeting,
and commitment appears impossible.
We keep on searching.
We keep on finding.

Perhaps, we create our own thirst
and then fall into the illusion
of real drought along the way.
Were we really in need in the first place?

Perhaps we have no intention of committing
to that which we find
and are momentarily satisfied with.
Could it be that we prefer the chase
of whatever it is that we do not have?

Perhaps this is the lost memory of life.
We forget what and why we seek,
and consequently we mistreat
and deny what we find.

It seems that finding does not quench the endeavours of that which we seek.
Ironically, we question the authenticity of our previous search.

Perhaps drinking from the well that needs nothing at all is a more pleasing remedy.
The well, being a reflection of our desires.

Perhaps we have been attempting to quench the wrong thirst.
Is it possible to identify what we really need.

I’m tired of living the unquenchable.

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