Contradiction. An acquired taste. A disguised drug. These spoon fed addictions are anything but love. 

I’ve been keeping my drugs to one side. So let’s talk about it for a while.

* * *

Is it possible to let go of the past, whilst learning from it?

Seems contradictory to me.

In order to learn from something, you must identify the lesson and then remember it. 

In order to remember the lesson, there must be a memory held onto.

In order for there to be memory held onto, you must refresh your mind to “what was”. 

The space between letting go of the past and learning from it, is untaught. It seems.

So what does it really mean to let go of the past……whilst benefiting from its lessons? 

You either let go or you learn….right?

It’s similar to ongoing discussions and theories about “the Ego”. 

Why are we taught to hate / fear the very thing that keeps us psychologically (and in many ways emotionally, socially, physically) alive? 

To despise of your ego is to despise yourself. 

To fear your ego is to fear your own existence.

What good could ever come from such internal rejection? 

It’s similar to biblical teachings  that outwardly instruct for the “sinful nature” to be hated.  

The only problem is, this “sinful nature” lives as part of us for a lifetime – in this contextual fact, we are born with it. So with this theory, you end up going through a weird conceptual living of trying to love yourself through hating yourself. 

How absurd.

The space between this love and hate suggests that we all need our egos. But….to allow it to run rampant / unleashed is said to be self-destructive. 

However, to be without it is equally dangerous – supposedly.

So how can you neglect your ego, whilst relying on it to be your survival instinct? How can you love yourself whilst hating yourself?

How contradictory. 

Some of the “new age” thinking suggests that we must die to yesterday, unlearn the things learnt, in order to live a life of freedom. Somewhere in this is the idea that being as innocent as a child is the best way, the way of a full and content life. All the while, we glorify knowing more and becoming wise through time.  Still yet, we acknowledge that children are wise without time and age. 

So, which one is it? 

The innocence of a child or the wisdom of the “learning”?

Am I the only one picking up on the fact that we are selling ourselves contradictory solutions….

A generation of addicted theorists. Perhaps.

I say, go live. 

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