Goodbye Linear Life – a Sunday Morning Love Letter 

I have experienced the world through a linear lens for most of my life up until now. But most recently I’ve been looking at how life is anything but linear.  The tick box exercise that we tend to live by, and indeed are conditioned to comply with, seems to become quite irrelevant as time goes on – as one matures.  As I approach my 35th year, I question what my linear approach to life has taught me, and how I can unlearn the conditions that were set to bring me the greatest of inner satisfaction, but never did. 

Here is my linear story thus far.

I have attended 2 different primary schools, 
3 different high schools,
Lived in 2 different cities, also residing abroad for almost a year – without my parents.

I took up an under 21’s sixth form college from 16-18, and went onto university from 18-21. 

I experienced a 2 parent family (up to 16), and I experienced a close knit grandparent and cousin orientated childhood up to 14. 
I then started to experience a family setting that was quite estranged – Was that just people changing or perspective? I still question. 

Started writing music and poetry at 11.
Met my first love at 17.
Decided I wanted to be a fully fledged Christian at 18. 
Decided to grow out all chemicals from my hair at 19. 
Started growing locs at 20.
Moved into my first apartment at 21.
Contacted a Publishing House about publishing my first book at 21.
Married my first love at 22.
Had my first child at 22.

Took the world of Banking by storm at 25.
Set my own company up at 29
Was travelling globally as a freelance Project Manager at 30 
Walked into a dealership at 30 and walked out over 45k broke at 30

Divorced at 31 
Ditched religion at 32. 
Explored my first same sex relationship at 32. A first love all over again!

Went through one of my most challenging/soul destroying financial, property and career phases from 32-34
Made a career mark for myself within Government from 32-34.
Accepted that the same sex dynamic wasn’t necessarily a long term one (for either of us) at 34.

Cut my 14 year old locs off at 34
Embarked on building a modelling portfolio at 34
Still haven’t casted for anything “model” oriented at 34 
Still wanna be a published Writer and Speaker at 34 (feet tapping)

….and here I am on the brink of 35 

Ultimately, I have experienced much change. Extreme variation. 
They say that we choose this life before we enter into it. 
I still question why ANYBODY would choose this highly changing chain of events? 
What happened to CONSISTENT blissful and rich? 
What happened to “happily ever after”? 
They also say, in order to know where you’re heading, in order to know who you are, you must go back and understand your roots, your past. 

Well this is my past…and I’m inclined to ditch that view too. ….
Because the truth is, 
I have no idea what or whom to pay homage to, which city or country to feel patriotic about, which experience to attach extra sentiment to. 
I have no idea what or whom really raised me or where my real home is… 
….because with each event, with each change, 
your roots change. 
The blueprint of who you are is altered, updated. 

So, is “change” the real teacher, the real parent, the real family, the real first love, the real friend? 

Because with each change, my teachers have changed, my family have changed, my relationships have changed…. 

So is “change” the point? 
Did I “choose” change? 
Do we “choose” change? 

A friend once said, “life is not linear, and so we must honour ourselves in each moment”. 
And this is one of the truest things that resonate with me, right now. 
So from here on in, I’m going to focus on each moment and give myself fully to each one.

Here it goes. 
Hello 35, 
I love you ❤️ ….and I’m ready for my new life of moments. 
Because the point is, I don’t think it matters what happens in the linear space, it matters what’s going on in our internal space. 
Our internal mind. 
Our internal spirit. 
Our highest selves. 

Today is my most truest thing. 
Today is the “me” I choose to focus on. 

The lessons of yesterday, are my helpers for my choices of today. So please help me to choose well. To be authentic, to be truthful to myself first, BEFORE everything and everybody. 

My greatest experiences are those I once deemed were mistakes. Because they weren’t mistakes at all. They are all a reflection of me stepping out of what I thought I knew, and taking a risk to find out if they were my truth or not. 

I’m excited to ignite more courage in myself. To find and explore a deeper existence in myself. To connect with things that hold meaning in my eyes, at that moment in time. 
To explore my wanting 
and my desires, 
and uncondition each one, 
step by step. 

I wonder what choices I’ll make with each link of conditioning that I remove.

Farewell Linear. 

And Thank You for being my home thus far. 

If I ever come knocking again, do NOT answer. 



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