Flickers of Hope

These flickers of hope…
so encouraging
but how devastating!
when you come crashing down from a hope unfulfilled.
As though almost retracted from your reach.
Snatched. With urgency.
Like Alice I yell, “but this is MY dream”.

Find a meditative state, I urge myself
Learn how to love yourself through the answered and unanswered flickers,
fully embrace patience –
Desire to be reflectively intrigued by how life unfolds –
Reignite yourself through observation
…learning how to carefully watch how all of your desires are sequently and seamlessly answered.
I hear the wind calling me to attention, saying, “saddle up, and enjoy the ride – for life is but a flicker”.
Perhaps hope is the destination, and the flickers, maybe they’re just the weather.
So hope more, I say
Let not disappoitment distract
nor distort
Your View
Your Desires
Your Manifestations
And thank those flickers of hope…
Every single day 

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