Mundane Beauty…I Am Awake

The mundanities of life are not a distraction from the important work of transformation and awakening. They are the very soil out of which it grows, for when we bring our full awareness to any task we are already transformed.

– Sarah Varcas, Astro Awakenings

I’m so in love with these words.  They are exactly what I have been searching for.  There are numerous situations, circumstances, emotions, reactions, that I hope to find a point of tranquility in.  You know, those moments where you say to yourself “I will do better next time – I must do better next time!!”.  And for my periodic moments of boredom, these words have got to be it!!!

Sometimes it feels like I could actually die from boredom. Like really just curl up and fade away.  I can laugh at this concept more now – now that I am practicing the observation of my thoughts and actions and detaching from assuming an identity in them. But my goodness is it a challenge to shake off the feeling of….stimulation starvation. I feel parched just thinking about it.

Miss Varcas however, kindly reminds us not to look upon the mundane or the periods of boredom as a distraction – or in my case, as a threat to life itself.  She assures us from the same place of peace that we can all rest in, that mundanity, if looked at from a different perspective, is good soil. We often meet many realisations there. We often nurture some of the best roots there.  And it’s so true, if we take a moment to reflect some of the pre events that birthed the greatest of achievements in our lives.  I’m almost convinced that this feeling of boredom, of mundanity, is sometimes the ego wanting to find something to do, find something to get lost in, or to fix. Sometimes nothing is wrong; and probably for most times,  there is absolutely nothing to fix.

It is only right, after being blessed with such an insight, that the next time I find myself highly frustrated at all things (apparently) mundane, I will take to these words and remember to look for the beauty.  In place of searching for a flower, I will take the time to plant one instead.

Stay True x

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