When somebody else’s secret is your truth, to whom do you stay loyal? 
– Catrina Sophia

So many of us are living with the burden of another persons secret. 
Whilst the life within us is stiffled by suppression. It’s that moment when the altitude of these kept secrets are sharing the air that you rely on to breathe.

When I was much younger, I was taught the importance of Loyalty. Respect. Privacy. Honour. But the truth is, some of the worst acts of unkindness, abuse and hatred took place under the guise of these words. Events that went on to become the biggest of secrets. It’s funny because I don’t remember honesty being preached much.

To say the least, these forced lessons, these adult mantras, can create a mental glitch in a young persons mind. A glitch that must be undone. Because without realising, you can become a loyalist to unkindness, abuse, hatred or any other thing that you claim to be principally against. All in the name of being loyal to a secret.

From time to time I question, who teaches the discernment to know when loyalty comes second to the truth, to freedom, to justice, to peace.

Look around you today and really ask yourself what you are sectetly supporting…in the name of loyalty, or respect, or honour, or privacy. You might find that you have become a loyalist in principal, because you no longer stand for what you believe in.

Do you know what you believe in?
Do you know what you value?
Are you living them?
To whom and to what are you loyal?

My word for today is:

You are the most important factor in any decision you make. And loyalty to yourself is the truest honour. Watch those secrets that you keep.

Stay True x

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