It’s not really about there being too many options..
or even about having too much choice…
Is there even such a thing?

Just Maybe
– It is more to do with not knowing what the f**k you want?

Perhaps we are the options and the choices that we see
Maybe they represent us

Why blame the choices?

Why crucify the options?

Maybe our options and choices are present to teach us what we desire to learn
Maybe we called them into our experience

Do we know what we really want?
Maybe there is no such thing…

Perhaps we do not know what we want,
not because of the options and choices available to us
but because the teaching is in the not knowing

Are you okay with not knowing?

Are you okay with taking steps to find out?

Maybe we get frustrated because finding out what we want requires movement
Movement into the unknown
We cannot keep everybody happy whilst we’re doing that either
We may lose what we have in the process…
But do we want what we have though?

The thing is,
We cannot theorise knowing what we want
What sounds good in theory
…sometimes carries a tasteless satisfication in reality

Maybe we need to give ourselves permission to not know 
And then equal permission to
Find Out
And Unchoose

And then when we think we know what we want again,
Just when we think it is all clear,
..will remind
that you have options and choices
– Again!

“Back to square one!!!”, you say
But perhaps the point is to master yourself at square one
Perhaps the mastery is in understanding that
create all of our options and choices in the first place.

And that’s a good thing.  Right?
If we can recognise them as a reflection of growth

It’s not really about there being too many options..
or even about having too much choice…
– No such thing!

This is all about you. Me
So let’s live. And live “well”.

To You,
Stay True x

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