Ground Yourself In Balance

I’m learning very quickly and very painfully that the same things in life that bring out the best in you, can also bring out your worst.  So it begs the question, is it really about good things or bad things, good people or bad people? Should  “things” or indeed people, be categorised as “best” or “worst” for us?  After all, they say that too much of anything can cause upset.

I wonder whether it is more to do with finding a balance, learning more about yourself, learning how best to apply yourself in new situations, or perhaps exploring how best to deal with something or someone from where you are standing right now? ….because let’s be honest, I am not the same person I was yesterday….(and neither are you). So therefore it should be no surprise that the same things, or the same person, can have a completely different impact on us from one day to the next.

I reckon we give ourselves such a hard time labelling things, labelling our experiences.  I reckon we give ourselves an even harder time, labelling each other.

There are moments I feel quite startled by the idea that something so good, can end up bringing out my “best bad”; that somebody I deemed so great, could end up being somebody I declare to have lost their mind!!!  Such an amusing contrast when you think about it right?!?!

I’m deciding today to learn not to be so sad about or confused by this intriguing fact. Today I’m taking the time to understand that the difference between what brings out my best one day, and my worst the next, rests within me.  Actually, I am the difference between the two.  Because the truth is, we are constantly learning, evolving, adapting, experiencing. There is constant change within us.  What feels good today, has the potential of feeling uncontrollably bad tomorrow. It’s what we choose to take away from the observation of these changes, that should count.  If a “thing” or a person brings out the good in us one day, and the bad in us the next, the only thing that changed is us, and our reaction or handling of that particular experience.

I’m sharing this because most recently, to my own distaste, I find it being so easy for me to get caught up in pointing the finger, in taking away from a great experience – just because a particular situation within it challenged me to my core by presenting a difference. That moment when you find yourself yelling at the same thing that made your heart skip a beat in complete bliss, all but a moment ago;  Has made me want to scream a thousand times over on many occasions. 

Increasingly, I hear the word “balance” calling out to me.  For these potent moments of contrast require a striving for balance within us.  And I am learning to simply smile through…smile, and keep on breathing. Smile knowing that I am conscious and able to seek out how to honour the opportunity these instances bring. 
Today I am saying thank you to those things, those people. who bring out the wanted and unwanted in me. For they are my teachers – and yours too.

Through all things I am urging you to renember to be good to you, no matter what changes you face.  

Change is good.  Lessons are a gift. And I am wishing you well always.

To loving this thing we call life x

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