Just A Name….

All that holds us together is but a name
So estranged from one another
Familiar foundations have passed away…
So who are we now?
…Now that this name is just a moment of historical, hereditary fame
A series of broken generational connections
With so many assumptions
With so many expectations
Filled with confusion
Mix messages
And so Love is left undone
Just a word
Just a name
Too empty to lead our ways
Yet, there is always somebody else to blame

What is it worth to share the same blood
When lines are scattered
Pieces lost
Faces unknown
Pictures incomplete
Stories left untold

Are we not just strangers?
Sharing nothing but a past fame
A picture that was never really without pain
Perhaps we’ve always been estranged
Pretending to be united on those special days
When all year round, love lays dormant as we go our separate ways
Our own needs and wants leading us astray
all that holds us together is but a name

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