Reality Complex

In reality there is no dilemma;
in reality there is no problem.
There never has been, there never will be.
In mind there are problems, and you look at reality through the mind;
thus the reality becomes problematic….
Your mind works like a prison.
It divides and creates problems.
And not only that,
it creates solutions that become deeper problems,
because in fact there are no problems to be solved.
Reality is absolutely unproblematic; there is no problem. 
But you cannot see anything without problems.
Wherever you look, you create problems.
Your “look” is problematic.

– Osho, Book of Secrets

So challenge your “look”….
Challenge the problematic view that your mind tries to find an identity in….
The view that your true identity hides underneath….
Embrace the freedom of reality.
Nothing more.
Nothing less.
Just reality.
Because just for today, I marvel at the irony in a “complex” reality….

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