YeYo….I Miss You

I’ve been praying to my Father all of my life, but something has happened to me recently. I find myself yearning the love of my “Mother”. My YeYo. I often sit and contemplate what happened to her. Where did she go? Who removed her from existence? 

Who removed me?

All of this religious teaching has left me feeling like my other half is lost.

They did not teach who I see in the mirror. 

They did not embrace the feminine royalty that bestows upon mankind.

For I am She.
She is Me.

Every Sunday I listened to cermons that spoke as though my very being had been…Weakened. Forgotten. Dethroned. Stripped of significance. Because my YeYo – Nobody speaks your name…
Your feminine love has been deprived of its rightful place. They call us servants. They treat us as subordinates. But I hear your voice within me – royalty calls. Something tells me that it is not as it seems.

My carer.
You nurture me.
Deep within.
I hear your whispers reminding me of who I am.
But they don’t see.
They don’t speak. This.

Without you…..who is it that represents me?
If my Father is really my Father, then who did He love…to conceive me?

Gender separation.
Competition of the sexes.
Sexualised prison.

For what reason was God masculined?
For what purpose was one gender esteemed over another?
Who remembers the truth of our ancestral universe?
Who thought it wise to remove you YeYo?
What was there to hide?

You birth nation after nation.
Yet they call you “dependent”.
But still,
you lay low…
If nobody ever came to acknowledge your truth,
you rest easy –
As though You know,
that we know.

My YeYo…
When I was just a thought,
surely you was there too…

I miss you…
You are Me.
Show me how to know you.
Where to find you.
Show me how to love me.
How to know me.

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