I often wonder where a Mother finds her love;  where she finds her strength; where she finds her peace.  We are the carriers of life itself.  From the very beginning, we were chosen to facilitate the unborn into fruition.  We are the half that makes nature complete.  Often we get confused thinking that we have to “try” to be good Mothers when in fact, we were created in perfection.  How can anybody be imperfect at being themselves?  It’s in our DNA to nurture. It’s our nature to turn very little into much.  It’s in our make up to persevere.

I believe Eve was a Mother before she conceived – our first Lady. Because we forget that we are Mothers whether fertile or infertile, for motherhood is wrapped up in the DNA of a Woman. We are able to reproduce in more ways than one. By default we love deeply, we protect unconditionally, we provide without instruction. We support with our eyes closed. This is the make up that formed Woman.  And the God who formed Woman was neither more masculine nor more feminine but, was able to create both in abundance to what was required.  Think about that for a moment.

Sometimes we can feel guilty when we are unable to do the things our DNA wants us to do. Why? Because our authentic Woman will never tire in being a Mother to all, through all, in all.   Even in the workplace we are by default bringing our mother nature to where it is needed.  Our children are blessed because of our love.  Our partners are internally wealthy because of our love.  Our families and friends are honoured because of our love. The feminine love! Our purpose as Women, as a Mother, is a great one.

So today, hold your head up high and let yourself know that “You Rock”.  There is truly none like you.  No man, no job, no amount of money, no possession, has ever defined you.  I repeat: “No man, no job, no amount of money, no possession, has ever defined you” –

You are greatness all by yourself.

You are the manual to motherhood that you’ve always wished for.

Raise a glass today, to the Mother that has seen you through; because she also lives in you.

Happy Mother’s Day x

Written by Catrina Sophia

I keep on meeting myself over and over again. Each time is different. I write for clarity but most times it is when I feel like clarity has been achieved. Most people who encounter me will say that I have a beautiful way with words. I’m inclined to say that words have a beautiful way with me.

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