Whatever You Choose It To Be…..Choose Wisely

What is money without good health
What is a smile without happiness
What is relation without love
What is transportation without a place to go
What is a crowd without friendship
What is a home without family
What is a job without satisfaction
What is food, drink, clothes without gratitude
What is wealth without kindness
What is material peace without contentment
What is production without fruitfulness
What is a marked occasion without meaningful sentiment
What is aspiration without passion
What is light without sight
What is life, if we only seek to avoid death
What is maturity, if we only seek to avoid age

Because we all seek money,
We can all smile
We all have relationships
We can always find a crowd to belong to
Shelter is obtainable
Careers are achievable
Nobody wants to be hungry
The rich are often envied
Peace is probably one of the best climaxes left highly unspoken of
We can all produce “something”…
We all aspire, in some way
Most say they are content, until the next thing…
Light is all around; we see whatever it is that we want to see
We are all here until death calls
And whether we like it or not, the process of ageing is inevitable


Is it that we have traded healthy roots for a presentable but dead tree
….but we still question why there are no leaves
….And why fruits have not grown in or out of season
Have we forgotten the basic principle of sowing and reaping?
Do we sow “nothing”, only to expect something?
Is it that we have abandoned what “feels” good for what “looks” good….
Is it that we eat well but have lost the ability to taste and enjoy, to consume with gratitude…
(“Appetite” can be an emotional reflection – but what is it that you are reflecting?)
Is it that we manipulate the light and ruin our sight…
Is it that we prefer to belong to “anything” than stand out for “something”…
(External acceptance can kill)
Is it that we accompany a smile but are strangers to happiness….
Is it that we deny wisdom trying to enslave our youth
Have we forgotten that it is a lack of knowledge that protects youth
That it is a simple sight that helps youth to live free
Once we pass through each period, they can no longer be
(Exactly as they were)
And whilst we hold onto the previous moment, the present one cannot live

It appears we need opposites to remind us of what matters
Because we really do not know what we seek, when we ask the universe for balance

I have observed that honesty does not belong
(You are your crowd)
That the truth does not attempt to pretend
Therefore an internal cry will never be quenched by a fake smile….
That the intangible cannot be touched by securing the tangible
That assigning a name to the master of creation is a human attempt to be in control
(Why say you know, when you really don’t?)
(How many of us would preach, if nobody was listening?)
None of us were there….but we all “are”…..
We gave ourselves Science
We created Religion
How else would we cope with the idea of “not knowing”….
What is it that you choose?
Because even those who choose to believe in “nothing”, use this to stay afloat
In all of our theorizing, we are still so far away

So I pray….

That we choose to stay close to the intangible
That we choose to seek what matters
(That we take the time to understand what matters)
Because I would rather be healthy,
I would rather be happy
I would rather have passion
I would rather tell the truth
I would rather live my own honesty
I would rather be content
(the greatest peace)
I would rather live to the fullest than wrestle with the fear of death
I would rather embrace wisdom than erase knowledge
Because it takes courage
To accept that life, this life, my life, your life
is whatever we choose it to be

“Choice” is free….
Wise choices are costly.
Choose wisely.

2 Replies to “Whatever You Choose It To Be…..Choose Wisely”

  1. This has to be the realist I’ve read. With such a challenging message it evokes much when I think of my life journey thus far.
    Thank you x


  2. I appreciate your appreciation. It took much to get these thoughts onto paper……I remember falling asleep for many hours after the job was done 🙂 But it is one of my most honest pieces and I’m glad you are touched. To the me in you, and the you in me.

    Stay True, always x


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