They said it wasn’t possible but today we celebrate the impossible. Some were hopeful without evidence, others dismissed it until they saw it for themselves. Many denied it even with the truth staring them in the face. But today, we ALL celebrate!

Today the whole nation will celebrate life. For today. Did you feel that?

….Even those who do not acknowledge Christ, will welcome love, peace and joy today.

This life that we celebrate is so powerful that many of us will, for today, attempt to love where perhaps there hasn’t been any; we’ll embrace peace in places where there has been absolute chaos; we’ll take hold of joy as though sadness never existed. For a moment…..

So with that said, I pray that every day be like Christmas for us all. Because for a moment we truly embrace what was meant for us.

Wishing you a moment to remember and to relive.

Merry Christmas xxx

Written by Catrina Sophia

I keep on meeting myself over and over again. Each time is different. I write for clarity but most times it is when I feel like clarity has been achieved. Most people who encounter me will say that I have a beautiful way with words. I’m inclined to say that words have a beautiful way with me.

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