Don’t Let Me Go

Redefine me
I’ve been erasing…..
Slow me down
My heart is racing….
Because nothing fits
And I feel like I’m chasing
A past life, but I’m so over it
Today calls but I don’t have the answer
Tomorrow bekons but I barely recognise her
The lens I used to see her through is no longer
Those habitual routines that kept me under, now suffer
I’m nervous
I ponder

Don’t let me go
I still believe in you…
(Or is it that I fail to realise that you do not require my belief to hold me?)

Don’t let me go
I still believe in you
But what does it mean if I no longer accept this view…
Who are you and did I ever really know you?

Let’s start over
Perhaps I’m ready now
Controversial territory
But I must make it somehow
It seems you have been expecting me
Were we speaking through a closed-door before?
Though it seems you have accepted all of me
I am still learning about what it is to really want you more…
I still need you, for sure

Understand me.

If I neglect you
It’s because I’m neglecting myself
If I hide myself away
It’s because I’d rather be true than have a lie to tell
Because You are me and I am You
You want me –
I need You!

I’m conscious that I don’t fit
I just don’t sell “Your package” well
I advertise my authenticity
Such a controversial wealth…

Don’t let me go
I still believe in you
But what will it mean if I embrace a new view
A new me
A new You

These clothes have carried rules
But I’m through
I never did belong
And I still don’t have a clue
Who it is I represent
I’m sorry I must vent
I refuse to wear a “name” – just for the sake
Because people play games,
They “wear” fame,
They trade “names”
Until the name once proclaimed
No longer means the same.

I’d rather stay true.

Because how can I preach “happy”
And yet be the practice of sadness?

How can I preach freedom
When I myself remain nameless?

I was there
Selling a “word” that I hadn’t seen for myself
Alone in my world
With no story to tell
– Apparently avoiding hell…

The One who has seen it
She knows it
The One who has felt it
She is able to show it
So I seek my own sight
My own show
Even when all else fails
I will know
That truth remains in You
Nowhere else

Somehow –
I feel it now
But I just haven’t seen it yet!
I know You now
I just haven’t found the words for it yet!

Can I let you go….
…so that I can find you again?
If I remove what I thought I did know….
…will you meet me before the end?

Can we start again?

If it was meant It will come back around.
Or so they say.
But I truly believe it is here I was meant to be found!
This is our ground.
The one you formed me out of.

Don’t let me go….

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