The interesting thing about this body that clothes us is this:

Of all the things that have been destroyed over the centuries, this flesh, this house, has remained.

I’m not sure whether this is common but I do often questioned why.

A replacement could have been created; what was so early on identified as “flawed” could have been done away with. One could argue that we are a design that ended up highly troublesome. For context, Adam and Eve could have been the beginning and the end!

But it was decided that we would be taught how to live with this flesh instead. But why?

There is something about this house that clothes us….

So I give thanks for this “house” that clothes me today. Because the truth is, there is a beauty about life, about me, about us, that would remain untouched, unseen, unheard of, without it.

Of all the things that we blame on our “earthly clothing”, do we ever give thanks for it? Do we ever exchange an energy of thanksgiving from ourselves to ourselves?
Today is Rememberance Day and I wonder what it is we are choosing to remember today and why…..?

Much clothing has been exchanged. Lives have been taken, shattered, sacrificed. Many have offered their “clothing” up for the freedom of a fellow soul. But for as long as our clothing remains, we ought to give thanks. But do we?

Because at a time when we were too young to see it, and remain too young to understand it, these clothes were chosen for us. There is beauty in the dressing we have been given.

So from one fellow soul to another, I give thanks for the clothing that enables me to see the me in you and the you in me. Because our true beauty, our real identity, is heavenly.

With each day, there is a unique beauty in remembering what your “clothing” means to you.

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