You Were…..

When my heart grew too weak to beat for itself, you massaged the life back into me;

You were the pulse that I needed.

When my soul grew too heavy for my bones to manage, you carried me;
You were my feet, you walked the walk for me….My energy…..

You were the breath that I had lost;

You were the mind that housed my thoughts.

You were my everything when nothingness consumed me;

You were my hope when emptiness claimed my being.

You were….

My sight when my eyes failed me, you stood as watchman and protected my city; You cleared my path….You were my visionary.

You were the hands that held mine.

You were the words insisting that everything would turn out just fine.

You were to me what life is to death. So it hardly matters what’s next, only that you’ll be here throughout each and every step.

Life was…

….until I found you.

…And You were, what you will always be to me.

But I’ll never be the same me, without You.

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