I stand as witness today…..

I would like Judge and Jury to consider that, Eternity has been set in my heart.

In fact, it must be so that Eternity has been set in the hearts of all men!!!

For I seek something so much deeper than what I am able to make sense of.

This longing, this yearning, surely it is Eternity that seeks me.

Sometimes I look for it.

Sometimes I ignore it.

Most times I wrestle with it!

“Show Yourself!” I command.

“Reveal to me my true meaning…”, I plead.

“Tell me about the real beginning”, I urge.

“Surely there is something beyond the end as I understand it…..?”, I challenge.

I listen attentively. I feel deeply. The scent is always with me.

A familiar connection with that which my very  breath has come from.

We’ve met before, me and Eternity.

Somehow I cannot remember what He looks like.

We’ve shared a whole lifetime together, Eternity and I.

But somehow, I fail to recognise the words we exchanged the last time around.

It seems that the current time that governs my current existence, was created for my sake;

that I may know order, sequence, momentary purpose, but not Him. No…not Him in His entirety.

Nonetheless I stand as witness today;

Because this Eternity has been set in me.

My heart knows Him well.

Sometimes I look for Him.

Sometimes I ignore Him.

Most times I wrestle with Him!

“Let me go!”, He orders….

“In due time”, He reassures….

But what about now?

For it is now that Eternity seeks me…

It is now that I seek Eternity…

And I know that my purpose is not restricted to this earth. I am merely passing through.

Every single day, without fail, a thorn in my side – I will live with this Eternity in my heart…

…Until we meet again…

– Because we will meet again.

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