It’s been a while since I watched the movie, The Shawshank Redemption, but it is safe to say that no matter how many times I watch it, I am always left with a strong message. Once again I am left pondering on where I might be living in chains.

From scene to scene, this movie reminds us that “freedom” is not just a physical state of being and that the ability to adjust to being “set free” can either lead to life (for those who persist to embrace it) or death (for those who never quite come to terms with such a change). The truth is, some of us have been chained to particular situations for so long that we limit our ability to cope with being set free.

We all claim to want change, freedom,  but are we preparing ourselves to handle it when it comes?

Freedom is not free!!! It comes at a price…..We often have to trade in what was once familiar to us… what once offered a small level of comfort, security or pleasure for a detrimentally high exchange of our freedom, our “self worth”. It’s funny because I’ve noticed a battle in me most recently; a subtle tendency to run back to a place of familiarity, false security or comfort, almost holding out my wrists to be recuffed when I have already been set free from that place, that situation, that relationship….

How long will we hang around in the same prison cell that was unlocked so long ago….? We destroy ourselves “without intention” we say, but the power to resist, to change, to say no, to refuse another auto pilot period of regret, lies within us.

Condemnation is one of the things that keeps a free man shackled. Fear is also a huge one! But we all have our own individual struggles with this and it is important that we identify them in order to overcome. We must fight to overcome ourselves…..and the habits that so addictively and seamlessly entrap us.

Do you know what keeps you from living free? Do you know what keeps you repeating the same old cycles? When your words become a broken record and your actions do anything but reflect them…..?

We must push to release our minds from this false bondage; because the power to overcome is within us.

And there is only One that saves, there is only One that has truly set us free. If we would only seek that which has given us life…..

I believe in our ability to be free.

…..See you on the other side x

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