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Settle At a Price Worth Living For…#oneshot 

How many of us have settled with being falsely persecuted, mistreated / abused, denied what was rightfully ours, lied to, depromoted, short changed…..in public – BUT redeemed, found innocent, offered an apology in secret!?! a.k.a “so you wanna condemn me in public but offer me justice in secret????”

After reading Acts 16 and in particular the story in v16-38, I would be convinced that after being beaten, imprisoned and chained!!!!…….that most of us would just TAKE the apology, the right to freedom, the acknowledgement of being falsely accused and run!? Right?! But nah, not Paul. Integrity, dignity, self respect, self worth and knowing exactly what he deserved and in what form, meant so much more than being offered a “cheap getaway”. Albeit, it was a getaway nonetheless!

Oh how we tend to settle……

But Paul reminds us to settle not. The magistrates must have secretly thought to themselves, “who DOES this man think he is…exactly?!” His attitude spoke royalty, confidence, unapologetic boldness. He did NOT hesitate to ask of what he felt was due. And he could have been rejected, and re-imprisoned for that request too! But he gained soooo much more for taking the risk to ensure that the settlement was good enough by his own conscience, his own standards. 

Reminds me of the saying, (paraphrased) “If you’re going to do something, do it properly or not at all”. Because really, what level of value, or truth, or passion is there in a freedom half felt, a job half done, an apology half meant, a love half given, a life half lived!

We must strive to know and LIVE our worth x

Written by Catrina Sophia

I keep on meeting myself over and over again. Each time is different. I write for clarity but most times it is when I feel like clarity has been achieved. Most people who encounter me will say that I have a beautiful way with words. I’m inclined to say that words have a beautiful way with me.

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