We can only ever try our best in life; Our best to live (freely), love, care, share, achieve, survive, strive, enjoy, forgive….

There are times, indeed, when our best doesn’t seem to be enough. But. There is hope. Because the truth is, “our best” does NOT have to be stationary. Our best CAN get better, smarter, wiser and deeper.

“Our best”, is always evolving, always growing, always improving – where we choose for it to.

Where we choose to seek peace in the fight between what doesn’t seem good enough vs. where/what we strive to be, failure cannot be! For it is then that we realize that the battle we thought we faced, is really the one that we ourselves orchestrated.

Therefore I would reckon that there is rest in our “current best”; peace in our efforts of today.

……So, I urge you as I urge myself, to continue to try your best and let the fact that you are trying be good enough. Because, your “best”, your trying, is never standing still unless you choose for it to be.

– Catrina Sophia

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