Are you pushing or are you pulling?


A colleague and I got talking a few days ago and we were exploring the different types of resistance that we can all face in life; which I’m guessing we all do very often when trying to figure out the lesson of a storm.  When those punches in life are coming thick and fast, we tend to seek cover to understand “what on EARTH is going on!”, Right?!?! Or maybe you’re the type of person that just takes a pause exactly where you are with your hands held high, exclaiming in complete confusion and frustration the words, “REALLY?!?!?”

In thinking and talking on this subject, there seems to be 2 very distinctive types of resistance. 

1. The resistance that is meant to build and strengthen character in us, ensuring we are fit for the battles ahead; The resistance that is providing an opportunity for us to practice perseverance and develop strategy to overcome obstacles.  Ultimately, this type of resistance is equipping us for being able to fulfill our purpose, reach our destiny. Breakthrough the things that hinder us and soar…

2. The resistance that lingers because we were supposed to “keep it moving” but instead we are stationary; holding onto a place or a thing that is no longer serving a purpose! When boredom becomes normal. When mistakes become routine. When “doing” becomes heavy. When comfort becomes destructive. When we start to trade the position of feeling self fulfilled/satisfied, joy, peace, or even love for the feeling of being “settled”.  Not necessarily content in this settling either, but it has somehow become safer to be miserable but temporarily secure; whatever that security is!

The difference between these types of resistance is like the difference between knowing when to push and knowing when to pull; it’s the difference between knowing the nature of a fire and therefore what type of extinguisher NOT to use to put one out. One of my friends got back to me on this blog and asked me with a rhetorical but very convicting tone, “Have you EVER seen the damage done when the incorrect fire extinguisher is used to extinguish a fire?!?!?!”

So why does it sometimes become OK for us to retaliate towards resistance in our lives with little thought? I have so many pictures flying through my mind on what this scenario would look like practically, and with these obvious visuals many of us would know the difference between whether to push or to pull; to run or whether to stand; to fight or to truce. But the situations in our lives do not always appear so clear. It is much more difficult to decipher whether we should be pushing towards something, or pulling ourselves out of where we are, for example. But it is so important for us to stop, think and spend some time seeking the correct course of action when a strong force of resistance strikes.

My take on this matter today is that we must always seek out discernment as though life itself depends on it, because we may well find that one day it will. The next time you find yourself asking the question, “Should this feel so hard” or “Is this just something I need to push through”, ask yourself this:




I’m convinced right now that understanding the base of the resistance in our lives will help us in the way that we should be heading. It will align us in the direction that we “choose” to head in, as opposed to having things “just happen” to us and accepting a default position, as though wisdom is extinct; or “guessing” our resolution formula without any consideration to the destruction it may cause, as though information/knowledge/experience is obsolete. 

Before we move in the face of a challenge it may be worth our while to pause and reposition ourselves.  It could be that we are trying to put out a fire that is supposed to burn for a while.  It maybe that the application of an extinguisher is not even necessary. Or perhaps that bus you’ve been stood outside of for a while, is one that you really should alight.

Whatever it is that you discern, never cease in your seeking. 

Wishing you well throughout your journey.


#Discernment to know the difference

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