Firstly I must admit that this is a random one but I’ve been asking myself this question lately, and I thought I would put it out there….perhaps there is another who has pondered over this?!?!?! .

“What age do you stop doodling cupid love hearts?”

As girls in particularly, sketching out cupid love hearts was a common and often daily activity during school, and maybe even throughout college.  I am almost certain that you may have been completely bubble wrapped as a kid, if you were still penciling cupid love hearts throughout university. I wonder…Are you that over 21 or 30 plus year old still losing your trail of thought over a cupid love heart staring back at you from your masters degree assignment, or your proof read copy corporate presentation? If so, my hat is completely off in honour of your position 🙂

I am wondering though, about the real cause of the decline in this perfectly pen-outlined love heart, being pierced by an artistically intended and sharp arrow…

I remember the small intricacies of this activity like it was yesterday; if my arrow didn’t sit right, or enter my inked heart correctly, I’d rub it out and/or start all over again. This image carried a huge and significant weight of importance!!! Whosoever’s name joined yours inside that heart had already entered into a destiny with you; whether they actually knew “your” name or not!!  And that was perfectly ok too; it was ok to just dream or hope in wait; it was ok to “love” from the distance between a piece of paper with a cupid love heart on it and reality. I don’t remember ever being “told off” for drawing “too many” cupid love hearts.  Of course though, there was always a sinking embarrassment if the wrong eyes came across it.

So with all of this reflection I am trying to understand, is the cupid love heart merely just an age thing? Or is it because unless you have a love for drawing perhaps doodling all together, becomes obsolete at a certain age? Or, is it that dreaded Father Christmas moment? That devastating realisation that there is no such thing as “cupid”?

I am contemplating this theory because it has dawned on me recently that these subtle actions, are deeply connected to our sense of individuality, freedom, imagination and hope.  All too quickly (but somehow very slowly too) these things decline without anybody really making any reference to them.

It’s quite important to remember that an arrow piercing a heart symbolises pain, as much as it does love; but we were all more or less in love with the image of love (probably more so as females) – we were in it for the love and pretty much endorsed that pain would be felt!!!! small price, right?!?!

Is it just down to the well-known fact and acceptance that the balance of how we see things becomes more negatively swayed as we grow and experience life’s misdemeanours?  That would be an easy conclusion, I guess. But in reality, although we do not naturally opt for “pain” at any age, as younger folk, we were able to see the beauty more often whilst knowing that pain would be felt for something that we really “loved”.   We experience later on in life however that not only is there a thin line between love and pain but that this line somewhat disappears, so the act of avoiding finding yourself on the wrong side of the line, can feel like quite an impossible one  (a common theme).  

So…if we are so “all-knowing” and “all-accepting” of how this love and pain thing really works, then why does the cupid love heart die?!?  Surely this death reflects something much more than just maturity.  Surely it is a mirror to the fact that we are losing something; perhaps losing our ability, or our desire to choose to remain hopeful and free.  Is it because we are seeing more pain than love? more failure than hope? more things to forget than things to remember? I don’t know….but I have a feeling that something much deeper is being lost.

My point is not to begin a craze over a pencil and a notepad of blank paper to show or prove to yourself that you can still sketch this wonderful expression of love (and pain); and in turn to realise afresh that your hope and freedom in who you are and what you believe still lives. No, it’s a little deeper than that.

There is something in the act of these subtle activities that die out at a certain age. It maybe cupid for me, it maybe something different for you.

I am not suggesting to be the holder of all answers on this subject but I would suggest this:-

Go ahead and reignite your cupid ladies and gentlemen.  Hope still lives and so do you! With every new day we are blessed with a second chance.


Written by Catrina Sophia

I keep on meeting myself over and over again. Each time is different. I write for clarity but most times it is when I feel like clarity has been achieved. Most people who encounter me will say that I have a beautiful way with words. I’m inclined to say that words have a beautiful way with me.

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