(I thought I was speaking with Love…)

Never really wanted to do this
Convinced to take a risk
To believe
To trust

Feeling so cheated!
Assured it wouldn’t hurt – But it did
Lies from you to me
Manipulation spree
I let you in
Saw what you told me to see
Gave you everything
Became nothing
For you to betray me?

Still, I know no other
Still, you’re my only
My everything, my lover!
The only one who truly knows me

Never stopped revealing
Myself unclothed
Promised healing
But instead you left me exposed

Why lead me to hope –
Why conceal the real scope –
And then you ask me to cope?
Unwanted outcomes forced down my throat!

You took the dream right out of me
I tread cautiously
Over thinking every step
Not sure where to reconnect

{Love answered and said…)

You’ve poured out your heart
The same heart that I gave you
I’ve always known you
So much more than you do!
Not one of your tears have escaped me
You fail to see

You refuse to stay calm
You reject my alarms

What is too much for you,
Was never meant for you to do
You choose to
But you didn’t have to

I feel that too

We’re never apart
I carry your every step and make good your path
I understand your todays and I know beyond your tomorrows
Aligning your sorrows
For good

It’s not that I leave you alone
I just go ahead
Not to fail you,
But to prepare you instead

My promises are true
You should be careful who you listen to
Because although you have broken yours,
I will always love you

You speak of hurt,
When you abandon me?
I remain committed to you,
When sometimes you choose to deny me?

If you were unable feel,
You would not know me
Be thankful that you will never know true “lonely”
Love is perfect, not necessarily easy

Understand me.

Your will is your own
Choose freely

I’m asking you to trust me when it hurts
To love me when it burns
Because I am your flame
Do not confuse me for your pain
Learn me.
Know me.
Hear me.
Feel me.

One day you will see
That you are one with me.

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